Monday, June 10, 2024

Will Russia Strike?

Yes, she will.

F-16 fighter jets and any airfields they are based at will be legitimate targets for the Russian military if they participate in combat missions against Moscow’s forces, the chairman of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee, Andrey Kartapolov, has warned. The comments come as Kiev prepares to receive the first delivery of US-made fighter jets from its Western backers, after Ukrainian pilots were trained to fly them. In a statement to RIA Novosti published on Monday, Kartapolov clarified that if the F-16s “are not used for their intended purpose” or are simply held in storage at foreign airbases with the intent to transfer them to Ukraine, where they will be equipped, maintained, and flown from Ukrainian airfields, then Russia would have no claims against its “former partners” and would not target them.However, if the jets take off from foreign bases and carry out sorties and strikes against Russian forces, both the fighter planes and the airfields they are stationed at will be “legitimate targets,” according to Kartapolov. 

For those who have questions about how such planes will be identified--it is rather easy. One word--Kontainer over-the-horizon radar. 

Range--3,000 kilometers, covers all of Europe. Sees and tracks aircraft on runways in Netherlands and Turkey, as an example.
So, there will be no difficulty in tracking which plane and how it flies. Meanwhile, Russian company Fores already announced the bonus of R 15 million for the first shot down F-16 (in Russian). Meanwhile VSU and their "supporters" from BBC and the rest of British media sewer continue to achieve "successes" by pulling out of their asses all kind of BS for the consumption by the brainwashed public. Here is actual Air Defense professional debunks fake from "destruction" of S-400 in Mospino (in Russian). And against the background of losses of towns and villages every day by VSU it is no surprise that VSU and their curators in the West desperately need some "good news". So, why not to imagine them.

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