Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The Main Question, However, Is...

 ... why would Russia be interested in fighting the UK? 

UK military ‘couldn’t fight Russia for longer than two months’ Failure to secure more funding for Armed Forces puts us at a disadvantage, warns Deputy Chief of Defence Staf.  

One has to give Margo Simonyan credit where the credit is due. As much as I criticize RT, she nailed it when she told a lowlife from BBC that: "we don't even like you." In case of serious war the only capable whole armored brigade of British ground forces will be destroyed in a matter of a week or two and that will be it. Will UK escalate to a nuclear threshold--I really doubt it, the United States wants to live too and is de facto in charge of UK's nuclear deterrent. 

Germany, whose economy is way larger than that of UK also faces brutal realities of real economy and real war. 

The German federal government’s plans to upgrade its ailing military are yet to be realized. Germany has struggled to reach the 2 percent of GDP defense budget set by NATO as a minimum, while plans to spend €100 billion on force development, which Chancellor Scholz announced shortly after the war in Ukraine broke out, have stalled. Much of the €100 billion is being spent by the government to buy weapons, most of which will take years to arrive, while reports year after year tell of the continuing deterioration of the working conditions of the German army, shortages of equipment, and an ever-increasing lack of personnel amid failed recruitment drives. The biggest problem with German force development is that most of it is not funded from the budget. The Scholz cabinet is trying to solve the 2 percent defense expansion in NATO through financing, which could be deemed unconstitutional.

As I am on record (yet again)--procurement is not some mindless accounting: $2 billion here, $5 billion there. This is not how it works, especially when neither Germany nor UK have any real money and the whole premise of their wet dreams about fighting Russians is built around BS of Russia attacking those two EU losers. It is all about defrauding taxpayers for the sake of feeble militaries and their narrowing industrial base in both countries. Real procurement, however starts with serious threat assessment and solid development of technological requirements for a force--combined West ain't got any. 

This European kindergarten is becoming absolutely preposterous:

Macron Wants to Run Europe’s Foreign Policy. Not Everyone Agrees

Nobody cares in Moscow, especially when listening to BS about "building wartime economy" by people whose only skills in life are those of BSing, reelecting themselves and never working a serious job in their lives. Well, they also do proverbial 360 degrees on most issues. Why Moscow matters? Well, because in the XXI century real economic development is identical to energy and EU ain't got shit. Make your own conclusions what will be the ultimate outcome.

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