Sunday, March 17, 2024

Figures Speak...

... for themselves. 

Guess from three times who won the elections? Of course, liberal opposition;)) Can you imagine if Navalny was alive and was running--I bet he would have won like... 0.1% of the votes. But what is new in this case is that Russia and Russians do not give a flying fuck about West's reaction which is so predictable. And this not just because the Western "democracy" is the saddest joke, it is because Russians do not give a flying fuck about West, simple as that. If tomorrow Paris will disappear without a trace, or Low Countries will go under water--Russians still will not give a flying fuck about it, well maybe for the treasures of Louvre. Riots breakout in Cologne and London and Islamists kill natives, too bad--West's problem. None of Russia's business. Terrorist acts in Rome? Fine with Russians. Russia will gladly embrace those Westerners who are immigrating to Russia, but for the West in general--nothing. It is over for Europe and soon coming to the United States. This is metaphysical.

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