Sunday, March 24, 2024

Let's Keep In MInd...

... that an important event has happened in the "alternative" media, many of which are fast becoming very mainstream--Mr. Shapiro who is an Exhibit A of Zionist and Israeli-firster, "fired" Candace Owens. Unlike Shapiro who is a demagogue who passes for "conservative" in his Daily Wire org, Candace is a combination of intellect, beauty and guts. The girl got it in a really big way. I doubt she would suffer much from leaving a media org which openly supports Israel's atrocity in Gaza. 

Here is the issue which Candace tackled, implicitly, by the virtue of her whole media activity--American "conservatism" does not exist as such anymore, American "conservatism" transitioned from William Buckley's Cold War demagoguery presented as "conservative scholarship" to a full blown Zionist "conservatism", bypassing the American nationalism stage. It is very much defined in terms of loyalty to Israel as an alleged front of "democratic values", which many US so called "conservatives" hold dear (not really). Remarkably, Candace has this feature which goes contrary to modern American "conservatism"--she acts as a moral American nationalist, this is a No-No for the masters of discourse who need American "conservatives" lick Israel's boot and worship at the altar of Zionism. 

Some separate anti-Zionism conservative groups here and there in the US are not a challenge to America's "conservative" Zionist establishment--they suffer both from historic and governance illiteracy and still imbue from the poisonous well of American exceptionalism and pseudo-scholarship rooted deeply in the propaganda of the Cold War 1.0. So, they are no danger to AIPAC and dweebs like Ben Shapiro with his DW, Candace is. She is, in many respects, what many Americans want to see their country as--a success story based on some values which are NOT dictated by AIPAC. They want true American national interests served first. Israel doesn't factor in here except for a bunch of fanatics from Christian Zionism death cult--the main vehicle for promotion of neoconservatism in the US. Candace also, implicitly, challenges the status-quo of the US Holocaust Industry, one of the major tools of Israel's control of cowardly and illiterate US Congress and WW II history ignorant American public. Candace asks THE question: Why Does Everyone Think I Am Going To Be Killed? Well, it is really simple, because there is nothing that Washington will not do on the orders from its masters from Israel. As a wholesale atrocity in Gaza demonstrates, it is the only thing they are capable of--fighting women and children of Gaza and going hysterical threatening everyone. 

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