Monday, March 4, 2024

Let Me Remind You...

 ... a passage from my second book:

This was written five years ago. And then suddenly after 24 months of SMO this:

Considering the fact that Russia is doing it with about 10-15 percent of her available forces and demonstrated an incredible surge capacity of her industry, yes--Russia is doing really well. So, keep in mind Russian MoD's latest update on VSU losses which have been estimated at 444,000. These numbers will grow dramatically the more Russian troops advance into the former 404 territory even without killing more VSU troops, due to uncovering remains of many more KIAs who are often are not evacuated from battlefield, same goes for wounded who are left to die and can only hope for Russians to get to them before it is too late. Ukrainian POWs, many of them surrendering voluntarily, not only report appalling losses, but ask not to include them into lists for POWs exchange. Also, huge number of 404 women now on the front-lines. BTW, VSU "cut" Volga frequencies to prevent VSU from surrender.

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