Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Yes, Sure...

 ... good idea...

Russia’s Ministry of Defense building or the HQ of the country’s intelligence service in central Moscow are legitimate targets that should be attacked, the deputy chairman of the German parliament’s oversight committee, Roderich Kiesewetter, has stated. The lawmaker, who is a former German Army (Bundeswehr) general staff officer, insisted that Ukraine should take the war to Russia.“Ukraine should be given the opportunity to take the war to the Russian territory,” Kiesewetter told a talk show on state broadcaster ZDF, noting that Defense Minister Boris Pistorius had already called for the same in April 2023.

Yes, Bundeswehr, those Nazi generals, also wrote field manuals for the US Army, because, obviously, having Soviet flag hoisted over Berlin is a solid proof of Wehrmacht being a top notch force. Not surprising seeing the US Army "perform" in wars it lost. But one has to remind this German imbecile from Bundeswehr that he is dealing with Russia of the XXI century and he, his wife, children and grandchildren are well registered in data base of targeting of Russia's stand off weaponry, and that, unlike feeble German Taurus, Russians can launch from 2,500 kilometers and German (pathetic) air defense will be unable to do anything about it. Come to think about it, Berlin is long overdue for rearranging the stones, because what Germans elect is trash. They will continue to elect trash and genocidal maniacs and that, most likely, explains everything you need to know about the fate of Europe--not to mention the fact that every Bundeswehr and Bundestag ass-hole has to be dragged, nose first, through Russian cemeteries of WW II and be pointed out to the piles of bodies they created through their lebensraum. Maybe, Morgenthau had a point, after all. It took stupid Russians to play with humanism. I don't think Roderich Kieswetter deserves anything but firing back Auschwitz crematoriums and giving him a taste of his own medicine. I guess, Germany never was denazified. 

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