Sunday, March 5, 2023

Larry On Macron; Vera, Scott And Me, And...

... other weekend business. But I start with this--WTF, again?  

It is clear that the US infrastructure is in dire shape, but 404 needs money too, you know. One of the "leaders" of "defeating" Russia, Mr. Macron traveled to Africa, to former French colonies. As Larry notes:

As the Russian “Special Military Operation” grinds on in Ukraine, Russia and China have joined forces to confront the legacy of Western imperialism in Africa and Asia. The war in Ukraine may have begun as an attempt by Russia to secure its border against NATO’s encroachment in Ukraine, but it has now escalated and expanded into a deliberate policy, led by Russia and China, to establish a new multi-polar world that is not a beholden to the dictates of Washington, London and Paris. This involves more than just pursuing stronger diplomatic ties with the so-called Third World, it also includes creating alternative financial systems that will permit trade and commerce without having to worry about sanction-crazy Americans.French President Macron just completed a swing through former African colonies and failed to shore-up France’s standing as a relevant power behind the curtain. But the Western press is loathe to report on the true depth of the growing fissure between France and its former colonies.

Basically, France and her ambiguous leader have been shown their place, especially against the background of Russia's respectful and equal relation with Russia's African partners. Europe continues its fall and it only underscores the necessity of US, Russia and China finding their modus vivendi, the rest of the world will follow. Needless to say, this modus vivendi cannot and will not anymore be based on any kind of hegemony, be that real or self-proclaimed. This topic, partially, was also discussed between Vera Bytko, Scott Ritter and me today. It is both in Russian and English, with my translation. 

Forestalling some Russian "corrections" in terms of "you should have translated it this way instead of that"(c), I would suggest to offer their free services for the next time Vera will be conducting interviews with American guests. I did my best. Anyhow, enjoy if you will.

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