Friday, March 17, 2023

Why They Are "More Adequate".

Vzglyad's observer Dmitry Bavyrin asks this question. 

Translation: The Pentagon has sharply reduced the intensity of passions around the drone that fell into the Black Sea. His boss Lloyd Austin personally called Sergei Shoigu, called Russia a great power and emphasized the importance of contacts with her. This was easy to imagine ten years ago, but for current US policy, it is something unimaginable. How is Austin different from those Americans who settled in the State Department and the White House?

I answered this question many years ago and continue to answer it ad nauseam. The answer is because the US military is the one who does dying for American political circus populated by ignoramuses, chickenhawks and cowards who never bear responsibility for their words and actions. This, plus US military deals with tangibles--personnel, hardware, technology--some of it very advanced--plus they have to rely on more realistic view of the outside world and, especially, key enemy. Such as Russia. Most American politicians, media personalities and "intellectuals" are BSers with zero applicable skills in any meaningful field of human activity. That's the answer. 

I am on record--middle to middle-high level of Pentagon people, those colonels and major generals, and rear-admirals who have to deal with resources, operational planning and warfare are the last vestiges of professional competence left in any American governmental institutions. We know that CIA is being purged of people who try to deal with facts, US military was purged and partially corrupted by neocon and woke psychopaths, but the rest of US government institutions are de facto functional failures, which cannot perform effectively functions they have been created for. Same goes for many businesses, which are nothing more than financial manipulators producing nothing. So, yes--last American professionals ARE in Pentagon.  

That also explains a desperate attempts to simulate a useful activity such as by kangaroo ICC which issued today arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. 

This is a logical conclusion to the activity of utterly corrupt European "justice" and just another proof of a correct Russian strategy designed to drown Europe in its own excrement and then see what kind of regimes' changes will occur there. To explain matters in more detail, the ICC President is this guy: 

So, make you own conclusions. 

In related news, the date of Xi's visit to Moscow was announced and it is this Monday. As was correctly stated, many things would be discussed tete-a-tete and rightly so--there is a lot to discuss in terms of the configuration of a new gigantic block emerging in Eurasia. Prepare yourself for the Western media going apoplectic. Meanwhile, the price cap is working, working... ah, wait:

Not to mention others buying it way above this price cap. But, as I said, it is impossible to explain to Western politicos that they are dumb, because they are dumb--Dunning-Krueger for ya. For people whose only ability is to shake the air, it is inconceivable to relate to reality.

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