Saturday, March 4, 2023

What's Wrong With This Picture Or...

 ... as Larch succinctly put it: 

It's like world sports. WADA has basically eliminated Russian athletes from all competition, so the US and a few others can dominate. Otherwise the Russians would be taking the medals. 50 years ago I recognized that the US and the West Europeans did not want to compete in business, sport or science. It's only gotten worse with their phobias.

Australian Strategic Policy Institute issued a new "research" paper called Who Is Leading The Critical Technology Race. It is a typical pseudo-academic BS written by people who have no clue, but it could have been dismissed out of hand if not for one feature which is a dead giveaway of a profound butt hurt in Washington, who, as Larch told me, financed this "study", LOL. Get a load of this table)))

How about that! Even Iran is featured in advanced aircraft engines, while Germany and Korea are in the Top 5 of Space launch Systems. Can you see who is conspicuously absent? Right, those backward Rooskies, the only nation which has air-breathing hypersonic engine and weapon such as 3M22 Zircon--the rest of the world is not even in the same league--not to mention the fact of the space exploration and use which would detach the economic bottom from German or South Korean economies if they ever tried to attempt to emulate one tenth of Russia's space program.  Ah, yes, South Korean Naro-1 is nothing but Angara-1 Russian vehicle. Not to mention the fact that this is beyond the technological reach of but three countries, and you know which countries they are. 

How Germany, South Korea and UK ended up in this list is NOT a mystery but a great demonstration of the combined West being a sore loser across the board, to the point of producing such BS "studies" by credentialed cretins who for a certain sum of money will whore themselves out. I speak about them and US generals today in my latest video:

Here is you Saturday primer...

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