Tuesday, March 21, 2023

But It Can Continue...

 ... and it will, despite Clare Daly saying that it cannot. 

She needs to understand that all NATO top brass, all those three-four star generals, do not know what real war is. Yes, they are that incompetent. Secondly, most of them are compromised and are not so much military men as politicos protecting their careers, including by toeing "a party line" formulated by even more incompetent and even more corrupt and cowardly West's political top. As I am on record--the only thing they can do is PR. Now, some of them begin to feel that they fucked up royally and some may face down the road some serious legal, forget about moral, they long ago lost morals, issues. 

Here Larry explains a bit the issue. 

Those creeps never knew what they were getting themselves into. As I am on record--Petraeus, Keane or Kellog wouldn't be allowed to command a fucking regiment, forget about division, let alone army, in Russian Armed Forces--this is how delusional they are operationally and strategically. And whilst it is good that some voices of reason are present in European Parliament, it has to be clearly understood that those are lone ones. 

I have a good acquaintance, who also reads this blog, and he was a member of the board in one of the major, in fact legendary, European economic institution. When we spoke to each-other on many occasions last year, this acquaintance stated that Europe will have any chance of reforming itself only when it experiences a catastrophic social and economic collapse. Yes, those very average Europeans. This collapse is coming. But to demonstrate an appalling state of Western Civilization, here is the news:

A disagreement between Paris and Berlin over nuclear energy and combustion engine vehicle policies is casting a shadow over an upcoming EU summit on Ukraine, Politico reported on Monday, citing multiple sources. According to the outlet, the impasse between Germany and France is feared to disrupt a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday, in which the officials are set to discuss economic competitiveness, as well as ammunition deliveries to Kiev. The latest row was initially ignited after Germany tried to mount a late blockade of the EU’s zero-emissions legislation, which includes a ban on the sale of polluting cars and vans by 2035. Berlin wants a clearly-worded exemption for e-fuels – a synthetic alternative to fossil fuels that is beneficial to the German automotive industry. However, Berlin’s demand has already been rejected twice before in the European Parliament, as member states refused to back a binding loophole for such fuels last year.

Europe--this is YOU. You chose them. And you are beginning to pay the price. Here, meanwhile, are true American and British heroes. 

It long ago became more than just geopolitical clash--it became indeed a proverbial fight of good against evil. 

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.  

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