Thursday, March 16, 2023

Well, Start Stop-watches, Gentlemen.

It is not just India which has JV with Russia known as Brahmos. Nope, the deputy head of Corporation Tactical Missile Armaments (KRTV) would have never articulated this without OK from higher-ups. 

МОСКВА, 17 мар - РИА Новости. В корпорации "Тактическое ракетное вооружение" (КТРВ) не исключают возможность передачи в будущем гиперзвуковых технологий дружественным странам в случае принятия соответствующего политического решения, сообщил РИА Новости заместитель генерального директора КТРВ Константин Бирюлин. "Вопрос о том, насколько мы готовы передать эти новые технологии нашим друзьям, тем, кто с нами дружит и является нашими не какими-то, а настоящими партнерами. Это решение политическое. Если будет такое решение, я думаю, что мы найдем возможность передать эти технологии", - сказал Бирюлин, отвечая на соответствующий вопрос.

Translation: MOSCOW, March 17 - RIA Novosti. The Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation (KTRV) does not exclude the possibility of transferring hypersonic technologies to friendly countries in the future if an appropriate political decision is made, Deputy General Director of KTRV Konstantin Biryulin told RIA Novosti. "The question is how ready we are to transfer these new technologies to our friends, to those who are friends with us and are our real partners. This is a political decision. If there is such a decision, I think that we will find an opportunity to transfer these technologies," Biryulin said, answering a related question.

Oh, well, we all know what "friendly countries" Konstantin Biryulin is talking about.  Dear Comrade Xi arrives to Moscow on the 21st. I am 100% positive that his good close friend Vladimir will gladly discuss and "acquiesce" to the proposition of Chinese friends to help out a bit in an around First Island Chain, or maybe even beyond, by means of sharing some knowledge and hardware with China. Kinzhal is a mature weapons system which sees combat use to a devastating effect almost daily in 404. How strange, Bashar Assad also said that, hey, how about some Kinzhals in Syria? 

Will Zircons follow? Let me remind you that development of shorter (up to 1,000 km) and "lighter" version of 3M22 Zircon for small missile ships of Russian Navy was already declared a few years back. Who says that Russia cannot supply those to "friendly countries". After all, since Russia paused her START participation, who said that Russia should keep a gentleman's agreement on non-proliferation of the cruise missile technologies limiting their range to 300 kilometers. Hey, India already launches her Brahmos at the range of 800+ kilometers and is getting ready to enter hyper-sonic territory by 2027-28. It was coming and now people of import confirm--Russia is ready to help out. Boy, those A2/AD "bubbles" suddenly look very dangerous and grow in size.  Start your stop-watches, gents, before you will hear moans of desperation from the swamp.      

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