Saturday, March 11, 2023

A-ha-ha, LOL)))

Well, obviously the scene when Wendy discovers what Jack was "writing" all this time while in the Overlook Hotel in Kubrick's immortal version of King's The Shining, is one of those moments which terrifies anyone who watched this movie. The effect is astonishing, but then again--that's Kubrick for ya, plus acting genius of Jack and, sadly mentally diminished today, Shelley Duvall. 

But Ukies wouldn't be Ukies, especially after Hollywood declined the appearance of Mr. Ze at Oscars--why, they are worth each-other and it would have been proper for Ze to entertain tinsel sewer of mostly human excrement--so, they got one up on Jack.
The new book from 404: Fucking Roosnya, the book which gets every Southern Ukrainian heart high. I don't know if it is a joke but the funny part is that I wouldn't be surprised if that they did "write" such a book. After all, for them it is "All work and no play", or, rather, Fucking Roosnya, Fucking Roosnya... repeat after me--Fucking Roosnya))). 

In related news, Iran just now finally officially confirmed (through IRNA) the purchase of SU-35s from Russia (in Russian). Ahh, Fucking Roosnya... LOL))  

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