Sunday, March 19, 2023

Boy, The Guy Is A Sore Loser.

This is what happens when NASA has to catch rides to ISS on Soyuz ships and Kelly flew "combat missions" against non-existent Iraqi Air Force and Air Defense. 

This is really sad when the guy with Kelly's C.V. lowers himself to a petty exhibition of own complexes, but this is a reaction of classic sore loser, because Kelly wouldn't be able to fly real combat missions in SU-30SM, SU-35 or SU-57 because he simply doesn't have skills and experience to operate such technology. Now, seeing how Russian Air Force downs dozens upon dozens of Ukie combat planes beyond visual range got to him and his complex of inferiority reared its ugly head. Obviously, when the USAF tried to repeat that:

They really couldn't and fell far short. Kelly also has to recall that USSR ended WW II with the largest tactical operational Air Force in the world and with an incredible combat score. Same goes for outstanding operational tempo Russian Air Force demonstrated in Syria and in 404 despite the fact of flying in an extremely hostile air defense environment--the experience Kelly simply doesn't have and probably still has some reservations about him never graduating from Air Force academy instead of his merchant marine academic background. 

But, in the end, here is a whole regular tactical wing of SU-34s and SU-30SMs flying in formation in the weather conditions which would ground most air forces.

But Kelly, of course, knows all about it, right? He flew once 20 years ago with somebody. As I already stated, the way American institutions delegitimize themselves through incompetence, ignorance and down right sour grapes is not surprising. What is surprising is how many US military people lost completely all pretense of professional honor and reserve which characterizes real military professionals. Senator Kelly is an Exhibit A of this sad trend. 

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