Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Why Russia Is A Clear And Present Danger to The US-III

Because, in accordance to Senate's Committee on Foreign Relations, Russia is a sponsor of terrorism (in Russian). So you see, it is clear now:
The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill recognizing Russia as a “sponsor of terrorism." This was announced by the director of public relations and press of the chairman of the committee Susanne Ress. According to her, the initiative "obliges the Secretary of State to determine whether the Russian Federation should be considered a country - the sponsor of terrorism." In addition, the document is about declaring armed groups in eastern Ukraine to be foreign terrorist organizations. Now the project will be considered by the Senate in full force. If the document is adopted, the head of the Department of State must submit a decision to the legislator within 90 days. The list of states sponsoring terrorism is compiled by the US Foreign Office. Currently, it includes Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan. 
It is all Russia, Russia, Russia. Remember 9/11? Russia. Tzarnaev brothers turning Boston in one huge mayhem? Russia. Russia failed to inform FBI and CIA for 201st time about these terrorists, thus sponsoring them bombing Boston Marathon. But jokes aside. Russian-American relations are ruined for decades to come and we have to really face this reality. The Cold War 2.0 is in a full swing and it is dangerous. But it is obvious that Russia will not be slow with response and will nominate the United States as a sponsor of terrorism and that will have some serious consequences for the United States. But this whole thing with terrorism sponsorship merely confirms my idea that the United States is in a full desperation mode and is losing it. Just read this opening statement from the Chair of this Committee :
“But I must also caution the Administration and my Congressional colleagues about focusing our strategy on sanctions. Sanctions are not a strategy for dealing with Russia, they are simply a tool. While U.S. financial preeminence makes sanctions an easy and somewhat effective tool, I have serious concerns about the consequences of their overuse, particularly in the absence of a larger strategy. More sanctions don’t make us tougher on Russia. “And I’m concerned about the rush to sanction in the absence of concrete policy goals. The NordStream 2 bill from Senators Cruz and Shaheen was a targeted sanctions bill with a clear policy goal in mind. But more general sanctions actions, when not connected to specific goals, can be counterproductive. And sanctions not done in coordination with our European allies, who are far closer to Russia in both distance and connectivity, is a dangerous action that can undermine our alliances. “In some cases, when insufficiently vetted, sanctions have even inadvertently helped advance Putin’s goals of economic consolidation and reinvigoration of Russian industry. These cannot be the outcomes we want. I assume these are outcomes we actually oppose.
Now, you do understand that the United States is non-agreement capable and is run by lunatics. Russia is run, I must say it openly, by one of the greatest global statesmen of this century and that is why Russia has no illusions on who is in charge of the asylum. For crazies any normalcy is a clear and present danger.

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