Sunday, December 29, 2019

This Is More Like It.

This is how it is supposed to be. 
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have talked on the phone, with the Russian president thanking his US counterpart for sharing intelligence that allowed terrorist attacks to be prevented in Russia, the Kremlin said.A “range of issues of mutual interest” was discussed during the conversation, which was initiated by Moscow.The Federal Security Service later said that the information provided by their US counterparts led to the arrest of two Russian citizens who planned terrorist attacks at public places in St. Petersburg during New Year’s celebrations.The two leaders agreed to maintain bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism, the statement from the Kremlin added.
Things like that MUST be a rule, not the exception, and it is very heartwarming to recognize that cooperation in this immensely important field is close and ongoing. Way to go. Kudos to the United States intelligence services who did their job and did it really well.  This type of news should be reported more often:
Two years ago, Washington warned Moscow about a planned bombing at one of the main cathedrals in St. Petersburg, while Russia actively assisted the US investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.
They do create a positive background and that is what really matters in a large scheme of things. 

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