Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Russia's Non-Jewish History-2.5. (Request).

Elena Prudnikova, one of the most erudite modern Russian historians ever (she has degree in Physics), brilliant woman, and yes, devout Russian Orthodox christian. Here is her one of many statements on Russian peasantry. Sadly, again, in Russian only. 

As a woman with brilliant intellect and in possession of true scientific method (expected from M.S. in Physics) she owns most crucial numbers and real historical sources which make former and present fake Russian "patriots" look like amateurs, most of who they really are. Sadly, Prudnikova, same as some other brilliant contemporary Russian historians is not available in English. So, anyone can help? I will take care later about RKMP's industrial and military "development", especially against some military operations, described by such people as Anton Denikin who fought in WW I.

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