Friday, October 19, 2018

Islam And Christianity In Kazan?

I knew some Tatar girls who were drop dead gorgeous. But this piece, certainly, shows what Engels meant when he said: For all its Slavic dirt and baseness Russia still provides civilizational influence to its Asian underbelly. Tatars were not "underbelly"--they were as Russian as they came in Ivan The Menacing (I hate this Anglo version of "Terrible"), Grozny, capturing of Kazan which is today a world-class city. 

And then again, what is so "European" in Paris? Zero. My classmates, Tartars, went on fighting in Chechnya as battalion and regiment commanders of SOBR. So, it is more complicated. Actually, I knew also some Bashkirs who were damn good officers. Other than that--Kazan is stunning....

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