Monday, July 24, 2017

Timber Sycamore No More.

Scott Ritter published today an outstanding piece in The American Conservative about CIA's dirty dealings with ME "clients" and their jihadist offsprings. Ritter's piece is an excellent illustration to the level of insanity (Operation Timber Sycamore) which afflicts majority of American political class and it fits extremely well (not to mention partially explains) Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's statement today. Lavrov, who served as the Russian envoy to the UN for 10 years, confessed he “could never imagine that US politicians may be exposed to this kind of mass hysteria.”

Well, neither could I, but here we are. But Lavrov's comments went much much further than merely describing the insanity. He openly accused outgoing Obama Administration of sabotaging Russian-American relations.

“We inherited a bulk of problems, ‘time bombs’ and simply undermining decisions from the Obama administration,” Lavrov said. He added that those decisions had been made “in the period of agony when the outgoing administration …chose to do nasty things to undermine US-Russia relations in the first place.
American political class degenerated to a collection of egocentric, spiteful, narcissist  and incompetent hacks long ago but it was on Obama's watch when the very fabric of American society began to be literally shredded to pieces--from destroying already fragile interracial relations, to closing eyes on real danger from jihadism, to supporting Islamic militants to deliberately wrecking US-Russian relations. Obama and his circle, of which HRC was a direct political and ideological globalist off-spring, were stunned by real America's vote in 2016 Presidential Elections and as spineless and spiteful self-centered children (most of them are about this level of maturity) they took their revenge by further wrecking what's little was left of US foreign policy. In this respect, Obama was an ultra-liberal reincarnation of W. Moreover, he went even further. 

Looking today at a pathetic exhibit which US political class has become, one has to appreciate the fact that President Trump, for all his massive and easily-visible flaws, increasingly looks more and more as an American statesman whose feet are simply stuck in stinky, sticky rotten swamp of corrupt (and treasonous) American political establishment. This very swamp which can not produce anymore any real statesman, not speaking of simply decent human. US politics urgently needs adults--without them this nation is doomed.       

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