Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Some Australian Imbecile Offers His Insanity/Supidity As Analysis.

I have no comments to this, but with all respect to Aussies, they better start looking at the creeps who run their country. After all, they want to start the war with North Korea. I will abstain from commenting on this imbecility--judge for yourself. 

                   North Korea: The Case For War.  

An excerpt: 

North Korea is hit by a massive cyber-attack that disables communications, shuts down the power grid, and cripples command and control chains. Minutes later the sky lights up with massive ordinance as MOABs detonate over North Korean nuclear facilities and launch platforms.

Yes, moron, and Russians will sit idly... Yes, my friends, this is a level of "analysis" and insanity. 

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