Friday, July 21, 2017

Aerodynamics? What Aerodynamics?

Ok, by now we all got used to extreme maneuverability of Russian fighters. They do what no other combat aircraft in the world is capable of. I also thought that it was impossible to top what SU-35 or T-50 usually do. But no, I was mistaken. I know, this performance by SU-35 in Moscow at MAKS 2017 yesterday is being discussed now everywhere, but still--forget about me being Russian--I simply was floored from the aerodynamics, or rather a complete ignoring of it, by this performing SU-35 and its pilot. It can be stated without stretch now, they do fly like a UFO. Ridiculous and magnificent. Watch the whole routine, especially from 06:30. How!? Most air-to-air missiles will simply lose the lock on target, if anyone wonders what are pure tactical applications of this insane ballet.

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