Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Remember this?

or that?

Now get the load of this:

Yes, friends, behold the model of the newest concept corvette called "Briz" (Breeze) from Krylov State Research Center. Basically this "concept" is nothing more than a taxidermy of a bastard offspring of project 20380 Corvette and Lider-class DDG  concept gone really really bad, and I mean not only the taxidermy phase but of the intercourse too. This "thing" was presented by KSRC at the IMDS 2017 at St.Petersburg. 

See the bizarre-looking thingy between VLS and superstructure? That's the ASCM launcher, I assume. Possibly for X-35 Uran. It is very, how to put it politely, unusual way, a very avant garde, I would say, approach to integrating a strike weapon with the ship.  

This thing, certainly, turned heads. I would only hope that this concept will never see the light of the day in its present form, since it is, not... beautiful. Certainly not in a proud Russian tradition of building elegant combat ships. 


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