Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Some Other Thought On Qatar Crisis.

The ongoing crisis between (mostly) KSA and Qatar, which now Kuwait tries to mediate, presents another opportunity to set one very wrong right. I mean, of course, a Soccer World Cup 2022 which is supposed to be held in that shithole--a decision by FIFA which can only be explained by Qatar bribing decision-making body of FIFA. You may recall, that Qatar, which is not fit by any metric to host the most important global sports event, was preferred over Unites States, which not only has a world class soccer infrastructure but also has an experience with hosting World Cup 1994. Yes, the booze and partying (and rowdiness) which accompany every major soccer event are also as American as they are German, Russian, British or Italian. How the hell, Sharia-ridden  hell-hole ended hosting the event which, apart from a wonderful game, is a global party is beyond me.

I was stunned when learned that US, which was a natural choice for WC 2022, was bypassed in favor of Qatar. Now, it is as good of a time as any to bring up political instability in the Middle East as a huge argument and return hosting of the World Cup 2022 to a country which gets top grades on any world cup metric. Apart from the world-class stadiums, the United States has an excellent experience in safety and security for such massive events. Good infrastructure, good (and bad) booze, partying, vast numbers of relatively affordable hotels, motels and hostels. In the end, inevitable atmosphere of celebration--those are qualities which Qatar can not possibly have, even if they try. So, time to start a petition, maybe? 


P.S. Do I have personal vested interest in it? Hell yeah. If I live through 2022 I would love to attend;) And no, I am not going to Qatar.         

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