Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Timely Pat Buchanan's Question.

Just yesterday Pat Buchanan posted his article Are We Nearing Civil War? at Unz Review. The question in the title of his piece couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. Today, American "left" (which is, in reality, not so much real left as neo-liberal cabal), constantly whipped into anti-Trump frenzy by US low life media (in reality propaganda machine--US doesn't have real main stream media anymore, just some few individual journalists with integrity) gave an answer. Today we all got the result of this anti-Trump insanity: the assault on Republican Congressman House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and his aides at the most profoundly peaceful and American event--baseball practice. The contrasts couldn't have been starker, a deranged "lefty", James Hodgkinson unleashed a 50-round salvo on unsuspecting unarmed people who were playing baseball. 

Now even uber-liberal lefty Yahoo News are forced to disclose this terrorist's (there is no other term for that) state of mind:

I am not surprised in the least with this, luckily less tragic (most people shot seem to be OK in the long run), outcome. I, not for once, pointed out to the fact of the US being completely divided as a nation, the anti-Trump hysteria unleashed in media is altogether something unprecedented in US modern history. Anti-Russian frenzy, based on ridiculous leaks and platitudes without a tiny shred of any evidence is something straight from pre-war Nazi Germany. Now this. Only irresponsible fanatics (which is a first requirement for people working at CNN, NYT, WaPo, NBC etc.) would deny the obvious connection between not so veiled calls for violence against President Trump and his supporters--be it tasteless, a gutter really, supposedly comic shows such as that of ugly and talentless Kathy Griffin or Shakespeare In The Park where Trump look alike and his family are brutally assassinated on the stage of this, supposedly, play--all that is the toxic, pre-war atmosphere American so called "left", which is a euphemism for HRC's supporters, have created. They now have a very real blood on their hands and a necessity to deal with possible escalation. 

They, US so called "liberal media" bear a direct responsibility for atrocious act in Virginia today. All those Colberts, Maddows, Mahers, Griffins,  turned into a complete tasteless sewer, once great, SNL, HRC's "supporters", most of whom would shit their pants once faced with REAL serious violence they are trying to unleash, all of them are guilty and are complicit in undermining what's left of American Republic. Unlike those wussies I know first hand how it all starts and I don't like what I see in the least. Consequences could be devastating. They still have the choice to stop now or we are looking at the very real perspective of this nation fracturing completely and then, God help us all. I would rather not see such a reality--I know how it may look. I hope that we are not pass the point of no return, at least in terms of bloodshed. As per ideological differences? US is long ago not one, or even two, nations--it is a combination of several of them and for that one may "thank" US Democrats.

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