Friday, June 2, 2017

Very Personal It Was Then And I won The Bet.

These were early 1990s and we were sitting with my dearest American friends (well, almost relatives now...) on the balcony of their wonderful house (she was and still is huge TV executive and he owned restaurants and Ferraris--they are divorced today) looking at Puget Sound, drinking coffee. And I asked them how they liked California Dreaming in Beach Boys version. They almost saw it as in insult and said that this is Mamas And Papas song. I told them that I know, M&P double LP was officially issued in Soviet Union and it was collection of their best, plus, of course, Michelle Phillips was the most beautiful thing ever, then. But there was this stunning Beach Boys cover of the masterpiece--they didn't believe me.  Well, there was but there was no Youtube then. As much as I love the original, the cover was absolutely stunning.

Original (and immortal by now):

But, there was the cover (guess who features there in the white dress as a ghost), and it was stunning. Now I take my revenge;-) I won......

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