Tuesday, June 13, 2017

EU? There Is Nothing European In EU.

Well, as was expected, Brussels, which turns slowly into multi-cultural cloaca, wants to go down the drain (it is, actually, in the process of doing so) taking with it last vestiges of European civilization. EU opened legal case against three quarters of Visegrad Group--Poland, Hungary and Czechia--for not being suicidal and willing to stay European and preserve their national cultures. I could have gone with (justified, I may add) schadenfreude moment of "I told you so", but for some reason I do not want to since in these European nations we at least see some viable remnants of Europe. My friends just returned from France--not good, not good. Paris? Forget it, it is gone. I do not want the same fate for beautiful Prague, Budapest or, say, Krakow--I am still planning on getting there at some point of time to enjoy art, architecture and great cuisine. 

It is only normal for people of these nations to want to adhere to what is dear to them, not to some bureaucrat in Brussels. In the end, accelerating Islamization of Europe is a result, among other important political and cultural factors, of EU's, and US, big shots thinking that they can bomb the shit out of Middle East and expect no refugees and all the trouble which comes with them. In the same time, all listed East European nations, apart from being EU members, are members of NATO and as such are tied with obligations to those supranational bureaucracies. There are consequences for the actions.  I think, eventually, this whole EU "business" will come to a major conflict with desires of people in Visegrad Group which may at some point fully formalize itself as a distinct military-political and economic alliance. Of course, it will also give Poles a desired leadership role in some group. But whatever is the case, I give people of Eastern Europe on the order of magnitude higher marks for loving their culture than I give to Westerners, who lost their civilization (it is a fait accompli) and now can only negotiate the conditions of their surrender. A lot will also depend on the internal dynamics in Poland, which promises to become very interesting with Ukraine getting her desired visa-free travel, but there is also no denial of the fact of Hungary's Victor Orban emerging in the last few years as a major spokesman and a champion of real European values. Who knows, we'll see, but what we are already seeing is a global power re-balancing and judging by the suicidal intentions of West European and US "elites", the process promises to be rather bumpy. So, let's not turn this:
Or this:

 Into this:


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