Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Karaganov's Article.

I don't like Karaganov, he is smug, pretentious but once in a while he gets some things right. Here is the link to the translation of his article in Izvestya. 

The New Ideological Struggle: What Russia Offers the World 


Same But In Russian 

The article is worthy of paying attention to. It gives a good simple overview of the mental framework of contemporary world. While still having traces of typical Karaganov's smugness, such as Russia managed somehow to win these wars at a monstrous cost--obviously Karaganov is not aware that there is no real Soft Power without the Hard one--but it is what it is and it is correct in many important aspects, even though he misses on Huntington's magnum opus, which makes his initial supposition totally wrong. So, enjoy.

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