Monday, April 11, 2016

Why Would Russia Need G7?

As Russians say: umerla tak umerla, or, in English, if it died let it stay dead. Obviously Germany's Foreign Minister Herr Frank-Walter Steinmeier still thinks that Germany has some real influence in global power politics since makes such statements:

Well, Herr Foreign Minister of the occupied country, let me break you some news--it is not up to you to decide on G7 format. In fact, your nation, populated with emasculated, impotent, brainwashed "electorate" has a weight in serious global power politics which approaches zero and is run by a collection of imbeciles and cowards. Your own nation is clear and present danger to itself and  goes down the toilet fast as I write this. The fact that it is being run from Washington D.C. is somehow lost on you. But that is not the issue--at issue here is WHY would Russia want to be the part of G7? 

Obviously, some Moscow uber-liberals would love to be invited to those G7 (G8) meetings and we all know that current Russia's President Mr. Putin is a Germanophile but here is the conundrum...for Russia.

1. A disastrous role of Germany in fomenting the Ukrainian catastrophe is well known. 
2. The internal German politics, and not just a current one, is nothing more than a panopticon of people who, under normal circumstances, should be in psychiatric ward for evaluation. In general, Germany's energy and cultural policies are suicidal. 
3. Germany is a nominal center of the disintegrating EU and will inevitably be put under the American thumb through Trans-Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership
4. In general, Germany is not really a sovereign nation. 

This list could be much longer but what is known will suffice to ask a question--what can possibly Russia discuss with Germany on any real serious issue of European security and economy? Pretty much nothing. German political class is infested with Atlanticists who, for all intents and purposes, could be easily characterized as German version of R2P and neocon crowd. So, as the saying goes: what's in it for Russia? Not much. Obviously the issue of Russo-German relations is much more complex than this compressed resume but, even if to consider some serious common economic interests, especially in energy field, a popular Russian perception of United States being afraid, and thus acting to prevent, that somehow Germany and Russia will find the common ground and will create a new economic super-pooper European entity is nothing more than a wishful thinking, if not the day dreaming altogether. As of today, what's left of Germany is incompatible on a fundamental level with what Russia represents today globally. Germany is Russia's opponent on a fundamental "genetic" level, it is also a potential deadly enemy. The same applies to any G7 or EU member. 

The Kremlin and the White House have a direct phone line and Moscow doesn't need any broker services from Germany when dealing with the power which decides what German Chancellor will say and how on any global issue. Superpowers, which Germany is not, communicate, if need be, directly. After all, Russian and US military communicate directly in Syria on a daily bases. It is also a great disservice to Russian position to view Angela Merkel as a politician who under duress (presumably from the US) speaks not what she thinks. This is a huge mistake, Merkel, as well as most of German "elites", think exactly what they say regardless of pressure applied by the US. The sooner Russian attitudes to Germany will be led away from the primrose path of pretense and false hopes the better it will play out in a long run for Russia. Yes, there is a lot of economic potential in Russo-German relations but that is as far as this all should go: pure pragmatism and viewing Germany for what it is--hostile to Russia nation, which played a key role in starting two European tragedies, one in Balkans, by being a driving force behind disintegration of Yugoslavia, another--by being directly culpable, together with US, for the mayhem in Ukraine. Who needs enemies when one has such "friend" as Germany. 

In the end, Europe as a cultural entity is finished and it will take a bit more time for brainwashed Europeans to understand that. Economically EU is unsustainable and NATO is nothing more than an official facade for racket against third world countries, and it can not solve dire security problems of own making which Europe faces. So, why would Russia want to get back to G7, when she can talk and cooperate, where circumstances call for it, with G7 members on a bilateral bases? Back to Germany. Yes, Germany does have some segments of the society which are either neutral or sympathetic to Russian causes but those are not majority and have no real influence on the decision-making. But even if to imagine for a second that somehow US involvement with Germany and Europe will stop, there still will be no open arms for Russia from the EU, welcoming her as an equal partner--EU will sooner open its borders to more Muslims. It seems that more and more people in Russia begin to understand that and this is a healthy process.  Europe in general, and Germany in particular, is in the state of final decline and the only real business Russia has with Europe, which is roughly 57% of G7, is to protect her borders and observe how this whole EU house of cards collapses. One has to think that ever conspicuous leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky was right when predicted recently that in the end it would be up to US and Russia to settle the fate of what once was European Civilization. This seems today more and more the only scenario. In this case G7, G8 or G-whatever will be as relevant as Frank-Walter Steinmeier's statements.   

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