Friday, April 15, 2016

I Was Returning From Work Today.........

It happened maybe 12 years ago. Somebody rang the bell at the front door. I opened the door--and there she was, red haired angel with freckles. She was probably 9 or 10, her father, towering behind her, was about 30. She was, most likely Irish, and she was trying to sell Girl Scouts' cookies to me and I didn't have any cash and I already had diabetes killing me. I apologized, closed the door and we parted our ways, until I remembered the silent tears in the corners of her eyes and the look of desperation on her father's face. 

My son was saving money for his new computer, or PS 2, I don't remember what, and he had cash in his wallet. I knew where wallet was. I caught up with them in the end of our street and happily offered to buy couple of boxes--we never ate them, we hate mint. I saw happiness in those eyes and and heard the sigh of relief from her father. I barely got home with my heart ready to jump out of my chest, diabetes palpitations will do this to you.......That was then. Since then several manufacturing plants closed in our area. People got more tattoos and more marijuana "dispensaries" opened.  I was driving home today and I stopped (the car in a front of me had some troubles) and there she was, dirty but happy face, framed with blonde hair,  waving at me in the opened window from the back seat of the run down Ford Escort, with, obviously, mother sitting in the front seat getting over her...whatever she was taking. It was near the convenience store, the type which still exists today, far away from Organic Food stores and community gyms for lean un-feminine calculating bitches, capable of taking EBT cards and selling cheap booze. I waved back and smiled and then it struck me......

These were 1970s when Geordie with Brian Johnson, yes, THE future Brian Johnson of AC/DC recorded Little Boy:

We copied those chords and I still can do those fills on drums. Who would think.......  I never thought that I would witness all that, many times over, decades later. I always loved children, but what I saw what was done to them in 1990s Russia changed me forever--that is why I will never accept or trust Putin completely. Now seeing those innocents having no future in what once was called the land of opportunity--go to your nearest Food Bank.....witness white America die. 

What would become of that girl in 15 years........... 

 And Geordie's  lyrics still ring true after so many years:

This world has got no hero's
where it's going nobody knows
This world is such a cruel place.

You'll leave home one day it's true
Then their gonna want you
but it's too late, you've gone................

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