Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fast reaction to the tragedy of the Charlie Hebdo (and France).

My heart goes out to the intrepid satirists of Charlie Hebdo who were slaughtered by the Islamic terrorists. But while I grieve for them, I also grieve for France, and for the West as a whole. While Western "elites" were too busy reading Fukuyama's pathetic excuse for a geopolitical science, they missed both Huntington's masterpiece and Elena Chudinova's The Mosque Of The Notre Dame De Paris.  They also hardly heard about Reilly's seminal The Closing Of The Muslim Mind, among many others, who warned and continue to warn. Too much goes contrary to the narrative (remember--OODA loop) of those who are responsible for running Western Civilization, of whatever left of it anyway. 

In two weeks, the victims of Charlie Hebdo will be forgotten and, courtesy of, especially Anglo-Saxon, political "elites" and media, the new ones will emerge. You may have already guessed it who they will be. Right, Muslim "communities" of Europe and the US. You know, those which constantly "suffer" from Islamophobia. Islam and West are incompatible, they cannot be, but until West will continue to be run by cowardly, incompetent, unprincipled "elites" the atrocities, such as today's, will continue. Political correctness and denial will continue. The chickens are coming home to roost....Vive La France.

P.S. Remember this?


  1. I see the year is 1993 :) I see why you hate making predictions.

  2. Spengler was right.