Sunday, July 23, 2023

Good God!

No, I mean it! Baghdad Bob is having the time of his life, watching this. 

The title of this surreal video is: Blinken says Ukraine has reclaimed about half of land Russia seized.  Get it? Well, here is yesterday's map by Russian MoD. These guys are good at strategy, operations and situational awareness, they are also extremely good at math and geography--all those things which are not taught in all those pseudo-academic degree mills in Ivy League humanities where people like Blinken go to get their liberal arts (a euphemism for absence of serious skills) degrees. 

There are two shysters in this video--a genuine ignoramus and uncultured hack Zakaria and, of course, Tony Blinken. Not only they have zero math skills, both of these "professionals" sit and humiliate their (their?) country in a front of the whole world, because unlike Blinken everyone knows the real deal and the map reflects it. But I repeat, the only thing these sociopaths know is how to lie and PR, for the sake of own promotion within deep recesses of bureaucracy which can't do anything to stop, in fact it accelerates it, a demise of what remains of America's nation.

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