Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Well, It Took Only Eight Years...

For me personally writing in magazines, this blog, other web-sites and three books (fourth is in the process of being conceived and outlined) to drive this point home and the point is that the United States and Americans are really ignorant on matters of REAL (emphasis in real) war.  99.99% of the US so called "military expertdom" is also ignorant, including even those who would pass for "veterans" and "military" people. Quotation marks are deliberate. In other words when I see and hear a lawyer or a political pseudo-scientist by background waxing military--I cringe. Evidently somebody in the main-stream  neocon media begins to take a note. The Week (British-American neocon--liberal interventionist rag) quotes in its editorial Freddie De Boer who had an epiphany:

Ah, this Duh, No Shit, The Hell You Say moment being preached to a public which has no clue about how 700 kilos of high-energy explosives feel even 200 meters away when they go off. I omit here the all-encompassing sensory overload with half-megaton thermonuclear munition being detonated even 10 kilometers away. But while deputy editor of The Week Bonnie Christian laments in this piece that:

I can't deny that this dark forecast is plausible, or that the public has some degree of moral culpability for the callowness deBoer observes. Still, I hope the lesson won't be written in blood.

I have a reasonable question: pardon my inquisitiveness, but WHO, may I ask, did all they could to promote a turkey shoot of the backward and incompetent Saddam's army to the point of one of the "greatest achievements" and literally created non-stop circle-jerk in Western media and culture for this "war" for perennial masturbation to a "finest fighting force in history", which, actually, never fared well against determined foe, not to mention the fact that it never fought with its rear, preposition areas and operational and strategic depth being under massive fire impact by weapons it cannot intercept. General Latiff is on record that what US politicos and public know about war is from entertainment. US media and Hollywood sold to eager US public a BS image of war as that of a video game. So, we should not be surprised with cretins from US Congress calling on having nuclear option "on the table" with Russia.

But even in this moment of clarity Bonnie Christian makes one mistake:

In his conclusion, deBoer turns from the recklessness of the commentariat to that of the general public, whom he chastises as a "distracted and desensitized country that can't remember the horrors of combat" and will now perhaps be led into great power conflict by leaders whose own families will be insulated from its destruction.

No, no, no, guys, you don't understand--this is not how the (God forbids) war with Russia will look like. Nope. Far from those leaders having their families insulated (it is physically impossible anyway if the shit hits the fan and modern targeting systems allow to fly a megaton munition literally into the window), those leaders and their families will be sought out (if they survive) and will have no place to hide because guys in Russian General Staff are still smarter than them. So, these leaders the moment they unleash the war will be hunted for the rest of their lives and will be delivered to face the crimes against humanity tribunal and explaining it to them is the most important task of those people in the US media who still retain some remnants of humanity and integrity in them. Good that The Week found it necessary.

I omit here, of course, the realities of even conventional combat--granted Russia allows the US accumulate a required force in Europe (an impossible scenario)--of NATO fighting Russia somewhere in Eastern Ukraine. The scale of losses in blood and materiel for NATO will be catastrophic within first week or two of fighting. But then again, D.C. (forget about European capitals) will be under attack immediately. I warn about this non-stop. 

Now if you want to see what is the level "maturity" and "intellect" of the US political top, get this:

They may have money and power but most of them are human failures which translates, inevitably, into failures as statesmen. It is not surprising that we find the combined West where it is today because it is being run by petulant and stupid children.You know--losers.

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