Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Good God!

I don't know how to even comment on that. I told you--it is one of those days. 

Germany’s naval chief has said the country’s recent deployment of a warship into the South China Sea was a “teaser” intended to signal to Beijing that Berlin planned to ramp up its military presence in the disputed waters. Speaking from on board the Bayern frigate on Tuesday, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach said the vessel’s foray into the contested region last week – the first such journey in nearly two decades – was a sign that Germany was “perpetuating” its activity in the region in “small steps.”Hinting at further deployments following the “teaser,” Schonbach said Berlin hoped to dispatch additional ships and aircraft to Asia from 2023. He added that Germany’s primary interest was in maintaining an international rules-based order in the region.“This time, we start with small steps … probably we’ll pass [the Taiwan Strait] the next time on a bilateral basis,” Schonbach said when asked why the vessel did not sail through the strait. He said the navy was focused on Berlin’s “value partners,” and it was “not starting with a hammer.”At a separate event on the same day in Singapore – where the frigate is docked at the Changi Naval Base, Schonbach said the intention of the naval tour was not to provoke, but a sign that things had reached a point where Berlin felt the need to send a “signal” to Beijing.
I know Bayern Munich just annihilated FC Barcelona recently (on several occasions), but Bayern frigate? Really? 
What is wrong with those people there? I have a hint to this Vice-Admiral, go to Rostok and Varnemunde, where the 4th Flotilla of Volksmarine was based, and ask officers most of who graduated my Naval Academy (in Stralsund officer college it was a dream to get to USSR, to Baku to study at my alma mater) --they will explain to you what real modern naval warfare is. They were taught extremely well, and they most of the time kicked our asses in soccer--I guess that's a German thing.

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