Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I don't Know Why This Is So Contagious.

It seems that the tradition of nailing own genitalia to the Red Square is alive and well in Russia. 

A half-naked man was apprehended by police for attempting to nail his genitals to the pavement on Moscow’s iconic Red Square, Russian media outlets have reported, in what appears to be a repeat of a notorious 2013 display. Emergency services were called to the scene late on Monday night, law enforcement told RIA Novosti. Officers detained the 24-year-old and he has since reportedly been referred for a psychological assessment.According to the source, when police approached him, they saw that he was armed with a hammer and screws.The suspect had allegedly traveled some 20 kilometers (12 miles) from his town of Dolgoprudny, got undressed, and intended to nail his reproductive organs to the paving stones. However, fortunately, authorities intervened before he was able to finish the act.
The first dude who nailed his scrotum to Red Square, Pavlensky, not surprisingly (West loves human trash) was praised as an artists, was awarded Vaclav Havel Prize For Creative Dissent and was given political asylum in France, where he, inevitably, also ended in jail but for stabbing two people. Good, let him live on France's taxes. How's that Vaclav Havel Prize worked out for you French, eh? I wish Frank Zappa was still alive, I am sure he would have written a wonderful song about Red Square scrotum nailers. On the other hand, why stop them? Let them nail their whole units to a cobblestones of Red Square thus assuring that no children can be conceived by this type. Any chance this new dude could be sent to France too? Or Germany? Accidentally, these are precisely the types who are loved by Russia's so called liberda, so no further elaboration is needed, in this case, on the character of Russia's "creative class". Any chance this last dude could be awarded Nobel Prize for... whatever?

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