Tuesday, December 21, 2021

News Not Needing Any Comments.

There are many of them today. 

I think EU should double down on its "green agenda". Just look at this. 

As I already stated many times--no, it is not a crisis, it is a catastrophe. Where is Greta when you need her? I think a concilium of high school teenage C- students, Hollywood celebrities and MSM journos should immediately be assembled to decide how to deal with this whole thing.  This is how Germany's manufacturing death looks like:

As a result of the grid strain, German power prices climbed 30% to a record 431.98 euros per megawatt-hour.

Sadly, there is a high probability that human lives, especially those of old and vulnerable, will be lost too. But don't worry, next year Germany will shut down half of her remaining nuclear power output. I will make a video on that pretty soon. And do not forget that it is 12/21/21 or  21/12/21 (in the rest of the world notation) today and, as many joke, at 21:21 (09:21 PM) there is a reason to celebrate whatever the excuse is for pouring oneself a glass of good sour mash and enjoying whatever little joys we all have in out lives.

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