Saturday, December 18, 2021

Representative Galego Wants To Kill Some Russians.

The guy, actually, is a former US Marine and incidentally a Rep. from Arizona. So this "veteran" wants to kill some Russians. Here is him verbatim. 

The guy was a grunt in USMC and graduated Harvard with BA degree, and you guessed it, in "International Relations" (that means he has no real education). I tried to contact his office to give him my address (I am Russian, so he can come and kill me) but I am not from his congressional district and I was denied any contact. I wanted to offer him addresses of some other Russians he can kill--I even know some Russians in Arizona, he can visit and kill them too. This boy, obviously, despite his tour in Iraq never saw a real war and real enemy who actually can kill you back even when one is in the bunker inside own army base. But, hey, the guy is a classic US legislator--he loves somebody to kill for him (her), as long as they are not demoralized and corrupt third world military with barely functional weapons. I can feel his pain and his butt-hurt. After all, killing Russians is a somewhat more difficult task than sexually abuse helpless prisoners in Abu Ghraib or blow wedding parties with children from helicopters or drones in some shithole country. In related news this ignoramus should learn what real deterrence is but then again, with his "education" I doubt he has the grasp of it.

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