Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Russians mark 80th anniversary of Pearl-Harbor and one of the most brilliant contemporary Russian military historians Alexey Isaev wrote a piece titled The Art of Waking Up a Giant for TASS. A very good graphics is provided, like this: 

And Pearl-Harbor topic is definitely noticeable in Russian media today. Isaev gives a good background, including oil embargo, on the reasons for Japanese attack 80 years ago, but correctly puts the blame on Japanese imperialism and militarism which manifested itself in China prior to Pearl-Harbor. 

Scott Ritter also marked this sad anniversary with putting events leading to Pearl Harbor in historic context and projecting them onto present America's geopolitical conundrum and it is difficult to disagree with him:

But no matter what one says, it is 80th of this dramatic historic event which had massive long-lasting geopolitical ramifications, and it is only normal for us today to remind ourselves what a horrible thing war is and recall with sadness those servicemen and  civilians of Pearl Harbor and of the US Navy who perished that day. It was indeed a Date Which Lives in Infamy. 


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