Thursday, December 2, 2021

A Steaming Pile of BS.

It seems that the mental health of the American nation is not in the best shape. Now yet another top brass guy comes up with a mind-boggling BS. Get a load of this: 

China and Russia have regularly attacked U.S. space-based assets, so far causing "reversible" damage, a Space Force official has said. Gen. David Thompson of the U.S. Space Force spoke candidly with a Washington Post reporter during the Halifax International Security Forum, which occurred between Nov. 19 and 21 this year. "The threats are really growing and expanding every single day," Thompson said. "And it’s really an evolution of activity that’s been happening for a long time. We’re really at a point now where there’s a whole host of ways that our space systems can be threatened." Thompson, the vice-chief of space operations, labeled the attacks as "reversible," meaning no permanent damage to satellites, but the attacks occur "every single day," The Washington Post reported. Thompson did not comment on any possible permanent or significant damage from such attacks, but he cautioned that the Chinese "are actually well ahead" of Russia, fielding operational systems "at an incredible rate."

Of course he didn't comment, because "attacking" somebody's space-assets is a declaration of war. Other source, however, gives a somewhat "expanded" explanation what this space-general means by attack:

OK, that is warmer but still BS. I can totally conceive some type of cyber procedures going on around satellites but all parties, including the US, are involved in this activity. As for lasers--I think the general tries to avoid a truth which is well-known. Russians have a keen interest in the US Keyhole recon satellites and recently Russia demonstrated that her "inspector"-satellite can and did "approach" the latest and the best yet Keyhole satellite and the US space command didn't (naturally) like it. Now that A-235 Nudol demonstrated its ability to reach altitudes where US main recon assets are positioned, including flight paths of X-37, the mood in Pentagon is definitely not celebratory. Moreover, "laser attacks" could be nothing more than laser scans of US recons assets by Russian (and possibly Chinese) inspector satellites or simply range finding which leaves no damage at all and is not an "attack". So "attacks" are merely regular recon activity and are of the same nature as Russian "attack" on 404 which is ongoing in the imagination of unscrupulous US journos and State Department bureaucrats.  

But the United States is now in a full hysteria mode, as the madness in the US media continues with alleged "Russian attack" on 404 and domestic economic and social problems continue to mount, anything that creates an additional tension and removal of public's focus from what shapes to be a complete breakdown of the American governance. If Maxwell's trial is not bad enough, get this:

Read the whole thing. There is something going on here. Will we know the full truth? Nope. There are many questions which need to be asked in relation to a whole political machine in the US and how it operates, because something is going on and the level of adequacy of the US power elites is plummeting by the day. I re-post my video, related to this topic, here, so you can also listen to what I have to say, those who didn't catch it. 

US is acting totally irrationally nowadays and, quoting Bronislaw Malinowsky from 1915:"War, same as charity, starts at home." America is not only in a full blown media war against the world, she is in actual warm civil war against herself and this war she cannot win.

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