Thursday, September 30, 2021

Why Zhirinovsky Doesn't Know Russia.

Obviously, the leader of the LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, IS the party, which is the party of one man and is destined to evaporate from Russia's political stage once its flamboyant leader retires. Zhirk (as he is called on Russian streets), as always is for the drastic measures in any area, and in his conversation with Putin (do not forget to turn on captions) is about exiling trouble makers to Siberia. 

Here Zhirik exposes his ignorance of Russia, because he doesn't understand that the majority of "opposition"-class (not all, but majority), which is so beloved and, incidentally, often financed by the combined West is nothing more than a collection of infants from Russia's office plankton. Most of those people are not capable of real productive or even truly creative labor and Putin's use of Zvezda shipyard is a good example. Nobody needs "specialists" in marketing, economists or whatever "managers". Everybody needs good bookkeepers, CNC operators, tool and die makers, welders, and the host of other productive or important service sector people who DO add value. Those trouble-makers Zhirik is talking about overwhelmingly are people without serious life and professional skills who would contribute absolutely nothing to Russia's development anywhere. 

One of the defining traits of Russia's opposition snowflakes is their classic narcissism which makes them feel that they "deserve" much more in life just because they feel like that and that is what drives them to all kinds "opposition" orgs such as defunct now Navalny's operation or many other similar ones, whose main "specialization" is media, where they go because they are incapable of doing anything else. Putin does understand the issue, Zhirik doesn't. In the end, what kind of "exile to Siberia" is scary enough today? Well, I agree about Magadan, but being "exiled" to Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok or Khabarovsk, which are modern, comfortable and large cities which offer everything anyone would want from the modern city, that is not an exile anymore. One, of course, can exile someone to Krasnoyarsk with its horrible environment--but they are working on that too and this million plus size city is as good as anything in terms of living in it, its air quality being an exception, of course. 

So, Putin is spot on here and economic development which is in plans and is being implemented already, especially with de facto Mishustin and Belousov firming their grip on off-shores, as was told to Russian big industrialists at the meeting few days ago, and now Putin de facto reviving a Gosplan--those trouble-makes will be even more marginalized with the country re-industrializing with an enormous speed. Not surprisingly, Russian National Team took the first place in Austria few days ago at EuroSkills Graz 2021--the competition among people of working professions ranging from CNC operators, welders, hairdressers, bricklayers, robots use, concrete, cooks, lab technicians, other industries to name a few (in Russian). That's the future.  In related news, the Zvezda shipyard mentioned by Putin started construction yesterday of the fifth ARC 7 LNG carrier. 
Those are magnificent vessels capable to navigate in Arctic and they are very large: 300 meters long and 49 meters wide with the dead-weight of 81,000 tons. Damn, Russia is declining especially dramatically today.

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