Saturday, September 11, 2021

In Short 20 Years.

I will not say anything which is not being said and will not be said on this grim anniversary of 9/11. Nor elaborations on how the United States lost everything it had going for it prior to 9/11 are necessary. Everything what made the United States attractive--from liberty, law and opportunity--was lost or is being curtailed as I type this. It is even larger tragedy than what we all experienced on that morning (for some it was evening) on September 11 when thousands of innocent people died. Apart from never-ending discussion on who really was behind the atrocity of 9/11, we should always ask how it all ended up with the United States unleashing utterly unjustified and inevitably failed, and humiliating for the US, military campaigns and how the US managed to squander every last iota of the good will around the world it experienced in the immediate aftermath of the worst terrorist act in American history.  

They will not show you anymore a full 100,000 spectators stadium in Tehran standing in minute of silence for the victims of 9/11. This video initially was shown on most US MSM in the aftermath. Most Americans also do not know that Russia made a gift to New York of a monument to the victims of terrorism. Most still don't know how much support and aid was offered to the US, to the point that some senator proclaimed that "The Cold War is truly over" after seeing a makeshift memorial at the steps of the US Embassy in Moscow. Not only those things have been betrayed and thrown out, you will even have difficulty finding those pictures and videos nowadays. Minitrue knows its craft--we have always been at war with Eastasia. But what we do know for sure is that the result of 9/11 is catastrophic for the United States and it spurred the emergence of a new world which has very different ideas than utterly incompetent and corrupt US "elites" on how things work. In this sense we can conclude that the United States have been defeated in whatever they undertook after 9/11 in pretense of having "a plan". Yes, we saw how it worked, and I quote from my latest book: 

9/11 exposed a complete inability of the US political class to govern and we all live with this today. It promises nothing good. The America's "expert community" is a laughing stock of the world and I can count the number of America's terminal ills 9/11 exposed until hell freezes over. Yes, this is how bad it is. That is why Russia is forced to do today what she does in order to prevent the United States from unleashing the unthinkable. Zapad-2021 started on September 9th. 

Militaries from Belarus, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, among others participate in what is titled a Russian-Belorussian Combined Strategic Exercises Zapad-2021.   

Unification of Russia and Belarus got additional boost with recent meeting of Putin and Lukashenko, with the latter having no other option but to continue integrate Belorussian economy into the Russian one. Seeing all this, apart from traditional hysteria in European media, a former US Ambassador to Ukraine, John Herbst promised Russia "severe sanctions" if Russia decides to "annex Ukraine" (in Russian). Here are the people who run US foreign policy--completely detached from the reality, apart from being utterly illiterate in Russia, her history, economy, military--you name it. Obviously Ukraine will disintegrate eventually but Russia is not in a hurry to take so many hostile freeloaders on her balance. But then again, read what Tommy Franks said about Douglas Feith. Applies equally to most people in US today who continue to run the country into the ground even in a face of serious and imperative lessons of 9/11 which have never been learned. I can only bow my head for a minute of silence remembering innocent victims and heroic NYC cops and firefighters and simple people who demonstrated the best of the American soul and heroism that horrible day, not knowing that 20 years later we will mourn not just people, but the loss of a country.

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