Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ischenko On Ukraine (At Saker's Blog).

Thanks to Andrei Raevsky (The Saker) and his people who translated a very good piece of Rostislav Ischenko on Ukraine, which, I think, is important for understanding the context of current geopolitical realignment. Especially after Vladimir Putin's article about Ukraine which was interpreted and misinterpreted so much in the last few weeks, that it is worth reminding of the current state of the affairs in Ukraine and Russia to fully grasp what Vladimir Putin was saying. Ischenko's piece gives an excellent insight. Here is one quote from it, the rest you can read at The Saker's blog. 

Many people still continue to ignore what I wrote for years now about Russians in general not viewing Ukrainians anymore as "brotherly" people. Here is one of many descriptions I provided, this one is a year and a half ago.

This is precisely the attitude of overwhelming majority of Russians both in Russia and around the world, not to the shithole of a country which Ukraine is...but towards Ukrainians. I was going to do a separate write-up on Ukraine, but this whole thing is so surreal, that I had to comment on it. Rabinovich is, obviously, delusional, which is a normal state of not only Ukrainian "elites" but majority of "Ukrainians", who, in addition overwhelmingly consider Russia to be a hostile state (in Russian), while large parts of their society still think that Ukro Army fights Russian Army in Donbass. I will omit here the description of Ukrainian media as an asylum run by patients, but I have to state a thing which I repeat ad nauseam: Ukraine is anti-Russia. It cannot exist in ANY other form for a number of major historic, geopolitical, economic, cultural and other reasons. I do, however, give Ukrainian "nation" the right for metaphysical existence, because this nation did coagulate around central idea as a political nation. This central idea is primarily a combination of kindergarten-level fantasies, down right delirium and and of radical Russophobia. 
Putin has a very good grasp of the mood of Russian people and his article is better understood after reading Ischenko's piece.

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