Tuesday, July 20, 2021

It Does Look Great...

And while Slyusar speaks about few particulars which were already more or less known or anticipated (in Russian).  

The most important part, apart from a killer price and impressive performance, is this, captured in this photo, feature of ease of maintenance in severe (a euphemism) environment. That is huge and Soviet/Russian combat aircraft were never known to be "hangar queens".
This "checkmate" or, if you wish, Su-75 is not a hangar queen and is designed for battle and, in the end, it is Su-57 Lite and a platform (I stress it--platform) which gives birth to very many other variants of this aircraft. Do not also forget, that Su-57 will also be offered for export. 
UPDATE: full presentation and yes, it has it all: supercruise, super-maneuverability, AESA, AI elements, full netcentricity, drones' control, etc. (in Russian). All included. 
 And in English (thank you Miguelouuu). 

This is an awesome machine. Here is full Rostec (UAC) video (in Russian). 
They also answer questions.

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