Monday, May 24, 2021

I Always Smile....

In a very approving and admiring way when I see these two charming, feminine and beautiful warriors. Yes, both Brittany and Nicole are just plain gorgeous young women, with Brittany now pregnant, but what a fighting spirit and brains these two have. Here, they speak about feminization of the modern Western man and this is the topic I am on record for years. 

I very much liked that the Thucydides' quote appears in their stream. 
“The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” 
Don't we have this prediction by Thucydides coming true with vengeance in the modern West? Masculinity doesn't mean just being coarse and brute, it is an internal trait primarily and, in the end, our manliness is judged not by how we look but what decisions we make and what responsibility we take for those decisions. As for modern American "scholars"--you all know my position on this issue: what scholars? I write about "school of pretense" (quoting David Bowie) in my latest book. Related to this pretense, Matt Purple writes today in TAC about a destruction of the social scene in D.C. and concludes:

Matt Purple needs an update on the matter of "being aristocratic" which never existed and cannot exist inside the Beltway because being aristocratic is not about refined tastes and money, let alone manners. In the countries with Royal and Court tradition (the United States has no such tradition) aristocracy meant primarily a service class and that meant primarily MILITARY service through which titles were obtained. Aristocracy was a euphemism primarily for military service and many princes, counts and dukes (none of who exist in US history) were the ones who were dying for King or Tzar first in case of war. That is what aristocracy means, not some D.C. nouveau riche class pretending to be aristocratic. Roman Senators wore a simple metal bracelet on their wrists as a testimony to their service and to get in Rome, to which tawdry US political class loves to compare itself, far in politics one needed a military background, a service. Ask yourself how many of those Purple describes truly served their country and sacrificed themselves for it. Right. That is why we have today, here in the US, what we have. A dictatorship of gender-confused wussies and illiterate cheap entertainers--a class of people who never risked anything in their lives. The society which completely separated its scholars from its warriors(c). And is trying to pretend to be what it never was and cannot be.       

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