Thursday, May 27, 2021

A Profound Duh, With Strategic LOL!

Thanks to Patrick Armstrong who pointed it out, we are treated to a very acute case of a bipolar disorder among what is known as US mainstream media. As it turned out, as if it wasn't clear from the git go:

The verbatim from the NYT: 

Now the glow has faded — from both the dossier and its promoters. Russia, as Mr. Steele asserted, did try to influence the 2016 election. But many of the dossier’s most explosive claims — like a salacious “pee” tape featuring Mr. Trump or a supposed meeting in Prague between Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former attorney, and Russian operatives — have never materialized or have been proved false. The founders of Alfa Bank, a major Russian financial institution, are suing Fusion GPS, claiming the firm libeled them. (Fusion has denied the claims.) Plans for a film based on Mr. Steele’s adventures appear dead. Beneath the dossier’s journey from media obsession to slush pile lies a broader and more troubling story. Today, private spying has boomed into a renegade, billion-dollar industry, one that is increasingly invading our privacy, profiting from deception and manipulating the news.

I think the author here is missing the causality, which is normal for a majority of Western so called journos. The problem IS NOT with "private spying", this spying has been around since the dawn of human civilization together with prostitution, both physical and journalistic. The issue here is that the America's "fourth estate" (a euphemism for a lie-generating machine at the service of DNC) is a completely discredited institution and a shelter for influence and power craving losers who never could obtain any viable profession and long ago became promoters of the globalist agenda. But it is really good that Alfa Bank is suing the hell out of GPS Fusion. While the United States maintains at least the appearance of the place where laws and presumption of innocence are observed somewhat, sometimes, suing the hell out of all those NYTs, CNNs, Rachel Maddows and other intelligence operations "experts" is a good idea. 

Here is one candidate for such a lawsuit. Look at him, he passes for intelligence "officer" in the US, granted, one has to issue a qualifier--a Chief Petty Officer with, highly likely, cryptography technician level, who is as removed from human intelligence as I am removed from becoming a US Senator. Yet, here is this illiterate imposter insists that Steele was right.

I have news for Nance, that to be in REAL human intel one needs to be seriously educated, which Nance is not, having degree from some backwater diploma-mill type "institution" and his "expertise" in Russia in general, or KGB in particular, is about the same level as that of late Tom Clancy's expertise in Theory of Search or Principles of Integration in Weapon Systems. Right, the "expertise" level of an insurance agent in space travel. Nothing personal against this important profession of insurance agents. How this hack Nance turned out to be an "expert" in anything, let alone in Russia, demonstrates clearly level of US MSM which is the level of L.A. sewer and the latest admission about this BS known as Steele Dossier, from New York Times, no less, is just another nail in the coffin of the American credibility as a state which has a handle on anything when it comes to international relations. With "experts" like Nance one doesn't need KGB/FSB/GRU, you name it, to see the United States completely confused. 

Generally, US MSM are a great asset in terms of settling out of court, if one has a good lawyer. Boy, the amount of BS from them is such that I don't understand why nobody launched a cottage industry of suing lowlifes dominating pages of rags such as NYT or WaPo and TV screens of MSNBCs and other CNN-alike cesspools, yet. This is how you do it.

New York (CNN Business)CNN has settled a lawsuit with a Kentucky high school student who was at the center of a viral video controversy, a spokesperson for the news network confirmed Tuesday.No other details were immediately available. An attorney for the student, Nicholas Sandmann, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Sandmann only tweeted, "Yes, we settled with CNN."The news was first reported by WXIX-TV. The local outlet said a settlement figure was not made public at a court hearing in Covington, Kentucky.The settlement will allow CNN to avoid a lengthy and potentially unpredictable trial. Sandmann sought $275 million in damages in the lawsuit he filed against CNN last March.

American MSM are utterly corrupted and the only way to make them pay is by making them... pay. Money, mullah, cash, what have you. They will never tell the truth, but, as is the case with Malcolm Nance or Rachel Maddow--they have zero qualifications to pass judgement on just about any issue related to international relations, least of all on spying and are good ONLY for one and only task--to read teleprompter where, hopefully, some real experts will write their opinions. They did spread enough Bullshit which not only damaged crucial Russian-American relations, but went out of their way to inflict an irreparable damage the United States itself and parade it as a collection of clowns in charge of a country, which, frankly, is not that far from the truth. And I don't even like Trump, but for all his immense failures of human character and being an impotent statesman, no human deserves to be dragged through the pile of dirt which for unprincipled and illiterate morons with agenda passed for "intelligence". Come to think about it--Steele, Maddow and Nance pass for KGB assets. After all, their contribution to turning the US into the laughing stock is immense. Boy, are those KGB guys good or what? Wink, wink...

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