Friday, March 19, 2021

Yeah, We Didn't Do Fridays In Awhile.

So we might as well, plus having more time on my hands due to collapse of commercial aerospace industry, I learned a bunch of chords on my synth (Yamaha DGX-230 no less, a good solid instrument--not some kids' Casio) and I know now even a bunch of major and minor chords and even Dm7. I can, actually, follow The House of the Rising Sun now. I am learning also some Rybnikov. It may take forever but I have to learn this piece. My Yamaha has a beautiful clavinet and strings patches.

Who would ever thought that "boring" piano, I was, stupidly (I cuss myself today for that) trying to avoid by refusing to attend a musical school, will turn through technology into a magical collection of sounds in modern synthesizers.  And Youtube with Internet allowing to learn. 
But this? One has to be a genius to do that. Steve Vai qualifies, easy. He does this after surgery on... both hands. 
A Paganini moment....

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