Tuesday, March 30, 2021

BOOM! As Our Own WHAT Likes To Say.

Alarm, alarm! Call on CIA, Hollywood, New York Times, Oprah and Department of State immediately. You may also call on the US Bureau of Reclamation, just in case, plus states' Lottery Commissions for a good measure. Putin and Russia are completely off the rails and threaten the whole thing...you know...what's the name of it. Ah, yes "diversity", which, of course, is "strength" and the future. Will omit for now the description of this future, but future nonetheless. That's what they say. Putin, in an act of unparalleled Nazi nationalist fascism and turbo-Holocaust racism and super white privilege, just stated that:

Доля детей мигрантов в российских школах должна быть такова, чтобы можно было адаптировать их к языковой и культурной среде, а также не допустить ситуации, как в Европе и США, где формируются целые школы, укомплектованные только такими детьми, заявил президент России Владимир Путин. "В некоторых европейских странах, да и в Штатах, когда уровень детей мигрантов в школе достигает определенного процента, местные жители своих детей из этих школ забирают <...>. Там образуются школы, которые фактически на сто процентов укомплектованы детьми мигрантов", — сказал Путин во вторник на заседании совета по межнациональным отношениям. Глава государства подчеркнул, что в России "ни в коем случае нельзя допустить развития событий подобного рода".

Translation: the share of migrants' children in Russian schools should be such that it will allow to adapt them to language and cultural environment and not to allow the situation, such as in Europe and the United States, where schools consisting entirely of immigrant children exist, state Russia's President Vladimir Putin. "In some European and American schools, when the number of such children reaches certain percentage, native people begin to withdraw their children from such schools <...> this is how schools with 100 percent immigrant children appear", said Putin Tuesday at the meeting of the Council on National Relations. The head of state underscored that in Russia "such development must not be allowed". 

He went to underscore that such problem does not exist in Russia but it should be forestalled. But then again, as you may know, Russian Constitution is explicit in terms of the role of Russian (Russkie) people for the Russian State, so, for Russian it is only natural to view the whole thing under such angle as Putin does. In fact, Putin, actually follows the lead of the overwhelming majority of Russian and not only Russian, many other native ethnicities, people who really do not want to see their beloved country turn into...well, fill in the blanks on your own. As you might expect, Russians, being backward, primitive people with no culture and lacking cultural enrichment of, say, UK or France, do not understand all the beauty of diversity and of 100% immigrant schools. Come on, look at some of the benefits of immigration. 

Here is diversity in full swing. What a lovely enrichment.
These are some things which immigration, as it is understood and promoted by limousine and cocktail liberals, who never saw real life beyond their pseudo-academic echo-chambers, brings to the West with fully immigrant schools becoming a main source of "cultural enrichment" practices which Russians do not want and reject them outright. There is a lot of what is going into the real (emphasis on real) national security--schools and education, and upbringing, being the foundation of it all with kids being educated and brought up to be upstanding citizens. This is not the case anymore in the West where respect for national tradition and culture is scorned and schools are used primarily to purge the remainder of historic national memory and, eventually, dissolve "whiteness", Christianity and nationhood as such. Russians want to preserve their nationhood and it is an official state policy. That is why Russia and the West have no civilizational future together, because Russia emphatically refuses to commit suicide, the West, on the other hand, is in  its final convulsions in the noose and what will come of it we may only guess. Nothing good, that much is clear. Russia seems to be readying for this. Not the first time for Russians. 

In related Russian news, Russia resumed testing of the new light transport IL-112 for Russian MoD and the bird is really plump and looks, actually, very modern. This plane is going to replace venerable AN-26s both for the design and political reasons, Antonov being formally a Ukrainian firm, which for all intents and purposes doesn't exist as a viable enterprise anymore.  

It is a thoroughly Russian plane, from engines to avionics, and it is needed both in military and civilian fields in Russia. Initial run will be slow--12 aircraft a year. But then again, do not forget a fully civilian IL-114 which goes into serial production next year (in Russian) and is designed to take on regional routes in Russia.

You see, the development of all these planes, from IL-114 to MC-21, to SU-57, to hypersonic weapons, to space stations, to nuclear ice-breakers, to quantum computing (Russia is doing really well here) to massive LNG carries--all of that starts in school. Students in school must be occupied primarily with studying algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, geography, language, literature and civics, not with trying to figure out what gender they are and being "culturally enriched" by immigrants from backward shitholes. Well, Putin gets it, so does overwhelming majority of Russians, Tatars, Mordvins, Chechens, Jews, Bashkirs--you name it--and that is why they want to preserve their schools. They may come handy when the stream of native European immigrants, already in existence, will hit Russia's shores in coming years. And it will.
P.S. In conclusion. RT made a wonderful documentary about Russian Blacks, with a Beatlesque title of Black in the USSR. Watch it and see for yourself how Russia treats people who really want to be upstanding citizens and how they become successful. 
The poetry Russian black woman reads starting from 24:00 is something special and it hits it home.

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