Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Chihuahuas Start Barking.

For anyone who continues to exercise this good ol', and beaten to death, delusion that once the United States leaves (if it leaves) Europe, Russia and Europe will immediately find common language; or, that somehow Russian-European relations are hostage to American geopolitical adventurism, I have some suggestions--wake up. Allow me to remind you that it was Germany who played a very serious role in dismemberment of Yugoslavia and that the state of Ukraine and coming of radically Russophobic forces to power there had a lot to do with Germany, and EU in general. France, meanwhile, is a "convicted felon" when it comes to unleashing hell in Libya. Just a reminder. 

Now this: 
Russian President Vladimir Putin has told his German and French counterparts Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron that any attempt by outside forces to intervene in the political crisis in Belarus would be counterproductive.In two separate phone calls on Tuesday, initiated by Berlin and Paris, Putin stressed that placing external pressure on the leadership in Minsk is unacceptable. Russia and Belarus have formal military and political alliances, via the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and a 'union state' agreement. According to the German side, Chancellor Merkel told Putin that Alexander Lukashenko's government must stop using violence against peaceful demonstrators, enter into a dialogue with the opposition, and immediately release political prisoners.The chancellor's comments came amid various discussions among European Union members about how to address the situation in Belarus. EU ministers agreed last Friday to draw up a list of targets for a new round of sanctions, and politicians in Poland and Lithuania, and other states, have pushed for interventions, to various degrees.
Well, you get the idea. It is always same ol', same ol'. France played the same tune. 
A report from Reuters on Monday, headlined ‘EU leaders to support Belarusian protesters, tell Russia to stay out’, raised eyebrows in Moscow. As did comments from Macron calling on the EU to “continue to mobilize” on the side of anti-government protesters in Belarus. The French president's stance prompted a harsh rebuke from Moscow, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova asking “when will he call on the European Union to be mobilized in support of hundreds of thousands of ‘Yellow Vests’ demonstrators (in France).”
As I continue to stress for years--there is no worse transformation when chihuahua decides that she is a mastiff. Neither France, let alone Germany, are mastiffs. Bar some limited nuclear arsenal, France is a geopolitical midget with Mediterranean phantom pains and ambitions, while Germany is nearing economic irrelevance with news like that:
Economic output in Germany — the powerhouse of Europe — shrank during this year's second quarter by 10.1% compared with the same period last year. That double-digit downturn is the steepest since that country's Federal Statistical Office began tracking quarterly economic data a half-century ago. "It's an astounding figure — minus 10.1%," writes Henrik B√∂hme, an economic analyst for German state broadcaster DW. "Never before in Germany's postwar history has the country's economy slumped as sharply as in the second quarter of 2020."
Actually, Germany's economy continues to contract for 20 months in a row. Once one begins to consider generally suicidal and radically anti-scientific energy policies of EU, plus adds here the fact that EU for Russia's hydrocarbons' export is losing its priority status, it becomes not only warranted but irresistible to ask a question: who the fuck these losers think they are? This also shows that geopolitical fates of Russia and Europe are diverging and, as I say non-stop, culturally the abyss between Europeans and Russians continues to grow. Germany and France may continue to initiate calls to Kremlin but it is patently clear that they will increasingly be told to mind their own business and keep their noses out of business of Russia, for who both France and Germany are merely secondary geopolitical players and shrinking real economies. EU for Russia is merely a market, nothing more. The fact that Putin is a germanophile (he is) should not be mistaken for mastiff being concerned with the bark of chihuahuas.

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