Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Funny START.

And here we go again. As I stated before, Russia is not going to discuss ANY of Russia's new weapon systems within extension of the START III (New START) treaty between the USA and Russia. Simple as that, in fact--absolute no-brainer. All those negotiations are merely exercises in semantic futility since, as Vice Chairman of Defense and Security Committee of Federation Council Evgeny Serebrennikov pointed out today (in Russian):

He also (tongue in cheek?) expressed hope that maybe American side will accept Russian arguments on this issue. Of course, the United States will not do so under any circumstances. Everybody knows it and it all becomes just the matter of posturing. Ironically, Russia can easily prove Sarmat to be not covered by START since Sarmat can carry hyper-sonic gliders, which are conventional (that is non-nuclear) weapons with a truly strategic impact. But then again, the whole plethora of brand-new Russian weapons was designed from the outset as a dual, nuclear and non-nuclear, capability. 

What will the US do to apply pressure? It is obvious--it will place some weapons, from INF-abrogating ballistics to ABM systems into the territory of its lap-dogs such as Baltic states and more of the same into Romania. After all, as General Hyten stated a week ago:
Well, yes--I understand John Hyten's sentiment but this is not how competition between peers works. Especially, I underscore that, between Russia and the US. Only retards or completely sublime people believe anymore in America's "good intentions" and "friendship"--Russians know all too well what does it mean. So, in this case Russia will survive the status of America's "not-friend" but will continue to develop and increase its lead in new weapon systems in order to prevent some hot heads in Washington from exercising all kinds of nutty ideas. Well, one of these ideas is so stale and so unimaginative (lack of imagination is a defining feature of current American exceptionalist view of herself) that now it creates only boredom among real experts.

The United States wants to repeat Cold War 1.0 in which it concluded (wrongly) the Soviet Union bankrupted itself in the arms race with the US. Reality, of course, was very different but it is difficult to explain to people who write doctrines for Washington establishment (Deep State, BORG, whatever one wants to call it) that they have to take a reality pill and start assessing United States' REAL standing in terms of power competition in the military-technological field. I am not going to wax Clanciesque here but the simple truth is that any American move on confronting Russia militarily already has a response which nullifies any attempts. Obviously, once the US violates INF Treaty (it will) the flight time of ballistics launched from the Baltic States against targets in Russia will be very short. This, most likely, will necessitate a deployment of S-500 AD complexes in appropriate sectors, including Kaliningrad, this is not to speak of the immediate measures against US proper, not just Europe, with conventional "calming" strike on equally significant non-civilian object. But that is the reality which Deep State still can not face--only those who have a decisive conventional superiority control escalation to the nuclear threshold. I have some news for "exceptionalists" and neocons--it is Russia. But I am sure, at least some of them know that--that is why they are so desperate and hysterical.   

So, the Cold War 2.0 is on and it will only escalate, with economic pressure and sabotage against Russia only increasing but, as old Heraclitus wisdom states, one cannot step into the same river twice. Russia learned a hard lesson with the combined West in the words of Putin:
Russia learned her lessons, will the US?   

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