Friday, August 31, 2018

Very Personal.

They are the class of 1989 (I am 1985). The video was uploaded in 2009 (this is NOT the class of 2009--by then it did not exist) Baku and my Naval Academy, which even today continues to deliver...

Knee bending ceremony is for Stalingrad's Marines (Naval Infantry), I still remember me and Admiral Kemp Tolley almost crying to each-other on the phone in 1997 about what we knew from those years--I'll give you a hint, Kemp Tolley knew our WW II superintendent really well. He, of course, wrote Caviar and Commissars too.  He was THERE. 

But if anyone needs other reference points, here is Sasha Turilin (Tourilin), well Rear-Admiral Alexander Turilin (class of 1983), they were our company's Seniors (yes, we drank together):

One of many others among my class-mates, company and faculty fiends and buddies, many of them today people who face realities of the modern world. No bigger than late Vice-Admiral Vasily Alexandrovich Arkhipov, whom I had an honor, the same as knowing Rear-Admiral Kemp Tolley to know in person, physically, or sometimes over the phone. Those who wanna see early 1980s in Baku with English--here it is;-)

Today Baku is STILL stunning, as it was in 1970s and 1980s. It probably is even better but just lacking something...But it still comes to me in my dreams...

Those who don't know who Vice-Admiral Arkhipov IS, Google Caribbean Crisis, he didn't allow the world to die, he was Commander then, Chief Of Staff of 69th Brigade of Diesel Submarines, those proverbial Project 641 (Foxtrots). 

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