Friday, August 31, 2018

Alexander Rogers As A True Russian Left.

I single Alexander Rogers out--a Russian journalist and economist--for a very important reason--he, using a Western political parlance, however confusing, is an Old Left. Old Russian Left. He embodies this intricate balance between actual and workable left economic ideas and Russia's historic-cultural reality. That is why I like to read his writings and once in a while find there some gems I quote. Here is another one (in Russian) which conveys an idea very many Russians who care to study their own real history arrived to long time ago:
Putin, following Rogers' logic, a correct one, I may add, also has such people but their numbers are smaller and that defines Putin's and Siloviki's strategy. I am writing as of now a large post (an article, really) precisely on this issue--a quality, or rather lack thereof, of contemporary elites. Western "elites" are pathetic and degenerate in human and professional terms, and so are Russian so called "liberal" elites cloned from their Western "idols". How this came about? Well, a thorough discussion on that is the part of my new book I am working on and some snippets of it should appear in this blog and maybe some other media outlets.    

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