Thursday, August 23, 2018

"You Can't Handle The Truth"(c).

Yvonne Lorenzo sent me link to this and I decided to put it here too. First, Paris Dennard is an absolutely top class act in this instance--intelligent, eloquent and cultured. Secondly, the behavior of this Philip Mudd "top intelligence" dude of CIA-FBI fame, which can only be described in psychiatric terms--ranging from open hysteria to teenage desperation--is very indicative of the overall state of the American "elites". The off-the scale amount of pathos of this counter-terrorism "specialist" is an immediate indicator of a huge inferiority, human and professional, complex he has. The guy "can't handle the truth" and CNN sure as hell knows how to "choose" its "national (in)security" contributors.   

Now, get this: obviously Deep State operatives such as former CIA big honcho in lie Brennan or this Mudd guy may not necessarily reflect on all, especially middle level, people working in national security complex--I am sure there are many top notch professionals and decent people in this bureaucratic behemoth--but they sure as hell reflect on a pathetic state of American political class, which, should it have been less homicidal, would have been a complete laughing stock. Wait, it is. Now to a more profound thing: this Philip Mudd guy has a graduate degree in... English Literature. Oh, I am sure he was taught in all kinds of "spy" schools along the way, but one is forced to ask the question--does anyone in their freaking mind still believe that you can grow and hone a top notch intelligence, forget real military, professional who in his formative years was a student of literature and didn't serve a freaking single day in uniform? Good luck with that, but don't be surprised with increasingly pathetic outcomes in terms of personnel. It is a sad exhibition on CNN but entirely not unexpected one. As many stated not for once--these people are not agreement-capable, precisely for the reasons of them not being able to handle the truth. Well, that, and being pompous ass-holes. 

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